Primetime™ PC

Primetime PC is a water based cleaner that will effectively clean dirt, grime, and conditioner build-up from the pin deck area. Whether used for general cleaning, or for pre-treating before running your lane machine, our pin deck cleaner will leave your pin deck area spotless, so your pins can be spot-on.

When to Clean

  • We recommend cleaning your pin decks every 3 - 4 weeks if oiling once per day, or every 2 weeks if oiling twice per day. Depending on how often your lanes are conditioned, you may increase the frequency of cleaning as needed.

How to use

  • Cleaner may be sprayed on or applied with a towel
  • Please follow all directions listed on the label for best results
  • Safe for use on all pin deck surfaces

Technical Specifications

  • pH - 12.8
  • Product type - Water based
  • Appearance - Slightly yellow transparent liquid
  • Weight per gallon - 8.5 - 8.9 lbs. (3.86 - 4.04 kg)

Product Availability

  • # NGBPDC32 - 32 fl. oz. spray (946 mL) / 6 per case
  • # NGBPDC1 - 1 gal. (3.786 L) / 4 per case