Introducing the newest, most advanced lane conditioners on the market!

After years of development working with a lane maintenance legend, we are ready to offer our line of "Next Generation" additive lane conditioners. These 100% solids, mineral based oils utilize only the highest quality ingredients personally selected by the man himself. He felt that having a consistent product should start with having quality suppliers who know where their individual ingredients originate from. As he put it, "not all oils are created equal. Where the oil comes from is just as important as what is added to them." This philosophy carried over when addressing the additive package. We sourced each ingredient from the best performing suppliers, not just the most convenient or economical ones. Because of this, our proprietary blends offer superior healing abilities for higher lineage play, and achieve less carry down, which will minimize the amount of ball calls your center may see. These are just a few among the many beneficial features of our lane conditioner line. Isn't it time you gave your lanes the power of Endurance?

The Benefits of Endurance Lane Conditioners

  • Works on all lane surfaces, any time of the year
  • Formulated to produce effective ball reaction for all levels of bowlers
  • Cleans easily with any quality lane cleaner, such as Primetime
  • Endurance™conditioners can be blended for custom viscosities
  • Mixed in a climate controlled environment for consistency
  • All viscosities utilize our exclusive "Next Generation" additive package
  • Self heals better and faster than the competition, with minimal carry down
  • Helps reduce back end problems, ball calls and out of range pins
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