Endurance™ 19

Endurance 19 has been specifically formulated for excellent wick/pad flow in wick type lane machines. In fact, at a viscosity of 19, it is our best oil for easy wick flow. But don't think that means we have sacrificed anything. We gave this oil a higher lubricity level to give you all the performance and protection your lanes require. That includes our proprietary "Next Generation" additive package for superior self healing and extreme durability. The viscosity may be lower, but in every way, Endurance 19 has been "Formulated to Perform!"


  • Formulated to produce effective ball reaction for all levels of bowlers
  • Provides consistency, so bowlers have to adjust less
  • Less transfer to the bowling ball
  • Easy wick flow - Our Best oil for use in a wick type machine


  • Works on all lane surfaces, any time of the year
  • Cleans easily with any quality lane cleaner, such as Primetime
  • Endurance™ conditioners can be easily blended for custom viscosities
  • Mixed in a climate controlled environment for product consistency
  • Contains our Next Generation additive package
  • Self heals better and faster than other lane conditioners
  • Produces minimal carry down which helps reduce
    back end problems, ball calls and out of range pins
  • USBC Approved

Recommended Conditions

  • Short oil patterns

Recommended Application

  • Wick-less (pump & injector) lane machines
  • Wick lane machine
  • Manual application (Spraying, buffing or dragging)

Technical Specifications

  • Viscosity - 19 cps
  • Lubricity - High
  • Product type - Mineral based
  • Weight per gallon - 7.1 lbs. (3.22 kg)

Product Availability

  • # NGB19END25 - 2.5 gal. (9.464 L) / 2 per case